In all instances, I found Lea Jackson to be not only very talented but trustworthy, cooperative, responsive and very concerned with the needs of all involved. The reports I have received after an apartment completion from my various purchasers have reinforced my very high opinion of Lea's capabilities.

Marilyn B.
Longboat Key
Florida, USA
We have just returned from our fast trip to Florida to see how the work was progressing, and, needless to say, we found everything almost done. To say we are pleased is the understatement of the year. It is lovely and exceeds our expectations! A million thanks for fulfilling our trust and respect.

Adele Z.
Rhode Island, USA
The other night I was sitting outside enjoying my beautiful lanai and the beautiful lighting. I still love my home so much, you cannot imagine. I could just be a prisoner forever and be tickled to death!

Donna N.
Florida, USA
The decor of the club was so elegant, I thought I was on a movie set. I loved everything you did, from the ceiling to the floor, and that includes the furniture. There was not one thing that I can say I did not care for.

Sandra A.
Florida, USA
I have worked previously with Lea and have found her talent extraordinary. Unlike other designers, who have a tendency to work outside the realm of the architecture, Lea has proven to be very sensitive in integrating her interior design as an extension of the building design itself. She has a strong sense of texture, color, and light and [works] in a collaborative effort to create an exquisite product for the client. I wholeheartedly endorse her talent and look forward to working with her again in the near future.

Dale P.
Florida, USA
In my position, I have the opportunity to deal with many consultant and design professionals and am aware of the many problems that can arise during a project. Your leadership in maintaining the budget while focusing on our project's goals is commendable. Your team provided a fresh and inspiring view toward the interior design of our project.

Richard W.
Florida, USA
The experience of processing some very complex orders for you has been unique. In the many years of dealing with various clients under vastly different circumstances, different businesses, I have never before found an organization that found the way to follow up almost on a daily basis without being irritating and confrontational. Even in the face of some problems, your ability to remain positive and to totally avoid the cliché places you in a league all your own.

Ruth R.
Arizona, USA


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