The Design Process includes four primary elements: Aesthetics, Function, Timeline, and Budget. Lea Jackson will guide you through each of these elements as you make decisions about your home.

By far the most recognizable of the design elements, aesthetics is what you can see, hear, smell, and touch in the environment. It has to do with how you feel when you inhabit a room. Do certain colors stimulate you or soothe you? What types of fabrics feel best against your skin? What is interesting or unique about the art or accessories around you? Does the room feel formal and dignified or casual and lived-in? Does it feel spacious and roomy or contained and cozy? Are the ambient sounds pleasing, such as piped-in music or a fountain?

How do you want the room to function? Is it a casual family space or a more formal space meant for entertaining? How much flexible seating do you need for formal occasions? Casual get-togethers? Are you an active cook who wants to interact with guests while putting the finishing touches on the meal? What types of sight-lines are most comfortable and necessary for you? Is it important to be able to see the pool from the kitchen and family room in order to keep an eye on children, for example? When you are standing in your foyer, what would you like to see? What about traffic flow from one part of the house to another? Technical elements (communications, media, security, etc.) are all considered in this aspect of a project as well.

When you are building a home or commerical space “from the ground up,” your builder will give you a timeline for completion of various stages of construction. Lea will work with you to make sure that your selections are made on time and in the proper sequence. For example, you’ll typically start with flooring selections, cabinetry and hardware, lighting and other electrical issues, paint colors for walls, woodwork, and ceilings, or wallpaper or faux painting. Lea will present you with options for furniture, accessories, fabrics, and window treatments.

It’s important to realize that in any project, especially one that has so many variables and depends on so many people’s individual talents and schedules, some delays are to be expected (even though some residential and most commercial projects have rigid install timelines). 30+ years of supervising these issues is a valuable part of what Lea's company brings to each and every project.

Last but not least, your budget is an important determining factor in the design of your home or commercial project. Lea can help you determine the budget needed to make your home or place of business look and feel the way you want it to. Lea responds to your budgetary requirements with fiscal responsibility. She works ceaselessly for the best pricing of the best quality goods, and is genius at value engineering. It's our promise to you, that you will never be charged more than the price you were quoted.


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